Britt Salt_Echo-theque 2019
Britt Salt_Echo-theque 2019_flash.jpg


My work Echo-theque is now showing as part of the exhibition Plexus at Blindside, Melbourne. Created in response to the site, Echo-theque pushes and pulls at the seams of its architectural frame. Using pattern, form and transparency to explore the dynamics of light and its ability to orient ones experience of time and space.

At moments throughout the afternoon, sunlight is reflected from Southbank high rises onto the Nicolas Building. As this light passes through the gallery’s glass windows, it is forced to slow down and change direction. Casting temporal versions of the artwork onto surrounding interior surfaces.

Within the gallery, as the viewer aligns with an interior light source or uses a camera flash, the retro-reflective material within this artwork activates. Echoing light back to its point of origin and the viewer’s eye. Encouraging the viewer to pause. Perhaps even change their direction in space. Seeking to experience this phenomenon again and again within the moving parts of the installation.

PLEXUS continues until 5 October 2019 at Blindside.

SALT_BRITT_Transverse LR.jpg


OPENING Friday 6 September, 6-8pm at Bundoora Homestead Art Centre.

Transverse has been selected as a finalist in the Darebin Art Prize 2019. Part of an ongoing project, this artwork uses the visual language of architecture and optical play to create a jarring spatial experience. Contrary to its clear-cut linear construction and strong contrast, this work appears unstable and in flux as one moves around it. The viewers eye is bucked from point to point and forced to soften. Blurring the edges of shape and pattern and allowing an in-between space to come forth and be perceived as an entity. In the end, as theorist Mark Wigley says, “What is experienced is the atmosphere, not the object as such.”

The exhibition continues until 26 January 2020.